Saturday, May 3, 2014

Updated News from the Dress Shop

Hello! Welcome to One Stop Dress Shop's blog if this is your first time. I am Taylor, Assistant at One Stop Dress Shop.  Obviously, the last post on the site was well over 2 years ago and much has changed since then. We are still in business! We have been locked out of the blog because of forgotten passwords, etc. In the last few days I finally was able to get back in. A lot of the information that was on the site before was inaccurate - all that has been changed now. I apologize if you have gotten on to the blog and received this bad information.

Changes to the blog:

The blog has changed and been updated with correct information. The pictures in the slideshow above have all been updated to pictures from this past year with a few current dresses for rent. Also, under each of the tabs above, there is now detailed information regarding different topics from information about the shop and Cami to rental information and updated directions/contact information. We will continue to tweak the blog as needed, as well as add new posts and pictures. I am planning to do a bio-page on Cami, the Dress Lady, who is the owner of One Stop Dress Shop. That will be coming soon. :)

While our Facebook page (link to page is above in the tabs) is wonderful for pictures of our wonderful renters and their dresses, the blog will now have more detailed information for those who are new to the renting world or to us at One Stop Dress Shop, or even returning customers who just need policy information.

Hopefully this will be a positive and beneficial site for both our customers, and us. Thank you for bearing with us while our site was inactive - Cami and I hope to see you all soon!

Taylor - Assistant at One Stop Dress Shop

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