Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hello, I havent been on my blog for way over two years, when i first started my dress shop. Time gets away and so far, my business keeps growing. I'm trying to work out the kinks and trying to make my time more valuable to my customers and my family. Therefore, I have a new schedule for open hours. Im open every Tues from 3 to 7. Fridays from 3 to 6 and Saturdays until 1:00 pm. If these times dont work for you, u can call or text me to make an appointment. My phone is on the frits and I dont get many calls while at my home, so sometimes texting works best. Thanks for your understanding. Also, there is much construction around my house including the building of a new driveway, so be careful. I believe my new driveway will be up and running by mid October, which , for those who have been to my house will appreciate. The entrance will be at the horse crossing light..inbetween 13th east and 17th east.
I believe I have appx. 500 dresses now, both formal and semi-formal.My goal when starting was to aquire at least a dozen lovely dresses in every size from zero to 20. I have way surpassed this goal and even have plus sizes up to 30. I will soon have a sale rack of dresses that I need to get rid of to make space for the newer dresses that I seem to be always buying.
For those who have been to my shop......I thank you and hope you have had a good experience renting from me. For those who haven't...I look forward to seeing you one day. I appreciate the kindness and good words of advice from clients. It helps me run the store more smoothly and efficiently. I'm always looking for good ideas. I will try to get some recent photos of more of my dresses. It all takes time, so I appreciate your patience. Thanks and God bless, Cami.....aka the dress lady

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