Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Hours

Another school year has passed in the dress shop and this past weekend marked the last of our school dances for 2014! Congratulations to all of our wonderful renters who are graduating this year; Cami and I wish you all the best of luck. We so appreciate your continued support and sharing your laughs and special events with us. Many of you have been with One Stop Dress Shop throughout your high school years and we do not take that for granted one bit, so we just want to express our thanks and gratitude. :)

That being said, with the end of school comes the end of the dress shop's normal operating hours. However, we are still open by appointment during the summer for weddings, pageants, cruises, or whatever event you need. Cami will be undergoing neck surgery soon so we will be closed through June during her recovery. We have also stopped buying used dresses, for the time being, until this Fall when school starts up again. We are so excited for the coming year and we are constantly making changes to the shop to improve our client experience. One Stop Dress Shop hopes to see you all this Fall, have a wonderful summer!

Taylor - Assistant

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